Cleo and Rex, Idaho-2004.


Our Bo, 2001-2002; Azores, Portugal.

Jack, Idaho-2004.

Cleo, Italy-2008.

Cleo and Bo in Azores as puppies...

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Grant and Ulysses, Italy-2008.

Late 2008 Update:

As we lived in Italy, we acquired a new kitty, Ulysses, as we found him at about 5 weeks old on the street!  He was alone, hungry, scared- and a mess!  We cleaned him up and he has been with us since Summer '08.  As I write, he is about 4 months old and thriving.  He had a run in with a cat that snuck in our basement through a hole in the window and had to go to the vet for an infectious sore the fight caused, but is all back to normal now.  So, here we are with our Portuguese dog and Italian cat about to move to Germany-let's see what that brings! :)

2008 Update...On our return from England in August 2007, we got Cleo back! She lived with us in Waterloo for the time we were there, and has now moved to Italy with us! We are so glad to have her back as part of our family.  She is now 7 years old.  Besides having a couple injuries this past fall (back injury, ok now; and torn right ligament in back leg, still limping a little) she is the same 'ol Cleo we love.  She loved the wide open spaces of living in the country in the Midwest, and is sure to love living in Italy.  After all those years of us having multiple pets (once in Idaho we had: 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 hamsters and 2 tanks of fish all at once), she is our lone pet, as we do all this moving around.  We are glad to have her.  Cleo is used to traveling, as we originally got she and her brother, Bo, in the Azores in 2001, then she moved to Idaho with us, New Orleans while we were in England; Waterloo, Illinois and now Italy! 

This is also not mentioning the cats we had in our cat "half way house" while living in Waterloo.  We lived in the country the 6 months we were there, so we had an open door policy on all strays.  We bought food and left food and water on the back porch.   We had about 5 that really kept coming around- and are glad to say we were able to adopt out 3 to homes!  In the winter, we got especially close to two cats-we named: Muffin (named after one of my childhood cats) and Ally (even though he was a male). These were awesome and resourceful cats and we were happy to care for them over the winter.  When spring came, they ran off again, but we still think of them and consider them having been ours for short time.

2006 Update...When we heard we were moving to England almost 2 years ago now, we decided to find Rex, the Lab and Jack, the cat, new homes.  Rex went to a home of dog lovers! We are so happy with the family that we asked to take him in.  They are great people that will get to spend more time with him than we ever did.  He lives in Mountain Home, Idaho; and has lots of space to run and play.  He has a little boy as a companion and another dog in the family for company.

Jack, our cat, went to a woman and her little girl.  She is in the military, so we have since lost contact with her.  However, we are confident that Jack is still in this home where he was free to be in the house, rest on top of the cabinets and had another cat to keep him company.  I visited him in his new home before we moved, and he seemed very content in his new surroundings!


Cleo, our Huskey, is still ours.  Dave's parents were kind enough to keep her until we move back to the States.  She is almost 6 years old! We got her at about 8 weeks old in the Azores back in 2001.  Her birthday is January 4th, so she was born exactly 2 years before Dominic!  - they share a birthday!  Right now, she is staying near New Orleans with Dave's family.  We hear she spends her days swimming and playing with other dogs.   I can't wait to have her back!

2003-2004: Idaho- As we moved to Idaho, we got Cleo a new companion-a Lab puppy named, Rex.  We have a cat, Jack; two dogs, Rex (Lab) and Cleo (Huskey); 2 tanks of fish and 2 hamsters-Ginger and Mary Ann.

2001-2003: Azores, Portugal-We bought Cleo and Bo (brother and sister Huskies) in Azores, Portugal as 8 week old puppies.  We adopted Jack the cat from the vet on Base (they rescued him as a stray) at about 8 weeks old.  While in the Azores, we lost Bo-he passed away at not even two years old in Oct. of 2002.  We really miss him.  Upon our move to Idaho, Cleo and Jack the cat, came with.