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~Our home near NSA U.S. Naval Station; Naples, Italy ~ 2008

See Family pictures, Pompeii and a trip to the Beach, below!        More Italy continued (see below)...

We have been in Italy since April.  We have gotten settled and had a chance to explore a little of the area.  We are staying busy as we await the new baby.  Dave and I spent the summer both involved in Bible Studies one night a week, and we also kept up with our family days out.

Our family days/nights out have taken us out to eat several times, to the  movies, on walks, to the beach, pool and Pompeii-and more.

This fall, we shift our focus to kids activities as Kate is in ballet, all kids are in AWANA (a kids' Bible Club where they learn Bible verses and earn badges), and we have homeschool group get togethers.

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Miscellaneous pictures ~ April-June 08   and   Pompeii ~ May 2008


Our house, above and our yard, below.


Father's Day '08


Me, 18 weeks pregnant.


Dave and Kate eating a traditional Italian appetizer: buffalo mozzarella, olives, cured ham and bread.

Kate in front of our house outside of Naples, in a town called, Lago Patria.













 Beach and more miscellaneous ~



Me, 23 weeks pregnant.


Kate got glasses!

Our new kitty, Ulysses.  We found him in June at 5 weeks old, alone, scared and hungry.  He is doing awesome now!  He's about 3 months old already!   A favorite drink here in our region of Italy; click the link to read about limoncello - made with lemon rinds.

More Italy...Page 2

Amalfi Coast Drive ~ (Sorrento and Positano)   

Rome! (Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps)

Carney Park Pool

Missieno Beach - Swimming in the Mediterranean

Labor Day Weekend, etc.

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Fall 2008~Right before our move...Page 3

Mom's trip t italy to help with Baby...Page 4


My 31st Birthday, July 2008      July 4th Weekend, 2008


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