Italy Page 2-Italy continued...2008

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~Amalfi Coast Drive: Sorrento and Positano   ~Rome! (Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps)   ~Carney Park Pool

~Missieno Beach (Swimming in the Mediterranean )     ~Labor Day Weekend (BBQ and Base Pool)

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Italy Page 3-Fall 2008~Right before our move...

Crazy hair day at AWANA, out to eat Chinese, Kate in ballet, miscel. of the kids, hanging out on Base, kids in their matching jerseys, etc.

Italy Page 4-Mom's trip to Italy to help with the baby...

In Oct., Mom came out to help with the baby.  She came a week before the baby (when we took her on the Amalfi Coast drive to Positano, Italy) and a week after-helping with the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc.  She was even substitute teacher for me with the kids while I was laid up.  We watched movies, went out to eat and had a good time.  :)

Grant at Carney Park pool.

We had a pretty full summer here in Italy. We had a lot of fun.  From Pompeii in May, to Amalfi Coast drive in June, to Rome in July-

We tried to do a day trip once  a month. Now that fall is almost upon us, we are going to take it easy until the baby gets here.  Beside our daytrips,

we have had fun at the pool, at the beach, playing on the playground on Base, heading out to American Carney Park for picnics and BBQ's,

taking Cleo out with us.  Below are some photos of our various summer adventures here in Italy so far; ending with Labor day BBQ and day out at the pool.

Also, click the fall 2008 link for  even more Italy photos, right before our Nov. move.

Kids at Missieno Beach.

Amalfi Coast! ~ June 2008


Amalfi Coast Drive (Sorrento and Positano)-You may recognize

Positano from movies such as, "Only You" or "Under the Tuscan Sun".

 I remember seeing it in "Only You" as a teenager, so to be there was pretty unreal. 


                              Rome!  ~ July 2008


                                                        The Colosseum and the Family at the Colosseum-me 28 weeks pregnant.

Spanish Steps

Dave and kids at a fountain near

Spanish Steps.

Trevi Fountain

Beautiful beach pictures!

Dom posing in his new


Beach and Pool! ~ July 2008


Kate in the water at the beach; and the kids at the pool on American Carney Park.

Labor Day Weekend ~ August/September 2008

Labor Day weekend, we took the kids to the Base pool, to see a movie ("American Girl") and on Labor Day itself, we had a BBQ.  Great weekend.

Me, 32 weeks pregnant.

Grant swimming at the Base pool on

LaborDay Weekend.


The kids at the playground and pavilion near Base housing where we enjoyed our Labor Day BBQ with friends; and our beautiful Cleo out at Carney Park for a day of running and playing.

Grant at our BBQ.

Kate taking a swim.

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