Winter 07-08

Winter: Snow pictures, Christmas Season, Kate's 6th Birthday, Dave's 31st Birthday, New Years, and Dom's 5th Birthday



Christmas Season was very full.  Besides visiting Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause, we also had Kate's school Christmas program, visited real reindeer, went to our church Christmas program and made plenty of Christmas cookies.  The kids loved playing in the snow, as we had a few big snowstorms.


Kate's 6th Birthday was in December.  We celebrated the day of at my parents' house, then had a Ladies' Tea Party for her the following weekend.  Dave's Birthday was in Dec., as well. My mom bought him a cake made up of several small cupcakes in the shape of a football.  (He's a huge football fan...)


Dom's 5th Birthday was in January.  We had a "Transformers" Birthday party for him.  After the New Year (which we celebrated at my parents' house), we had Kate's school Winter Carnival.


Some Early Spring 2008

Some early Spring : Easter, Goodbye's for our move to Italy,  photos of Dave's trip to Washington D.C. in Feb. 2008

The kids at a lake on the campus of SIU-E (Southern Ill. Univ. at Edwardsville).  It is my mom's alma mater, and where my brother, Rich is an anthropology major.  We went with him this day to watch him work on the canoe he is making for a class.

From left to right: My brother, Rich and I with the kids at his canoe, Rich letting Dominic chop wood, my brother, David, taking my kids and Cleo for a hike out in the country, Kate posing.

Above: Dave took of the Reflection Pool in D.C.

From left to right: Washington D.C. sights, Grant and Kate and I at Easter.  For Easter, we celebrated with my mom and dad at their house, then headed to my uncle's house to celebrate wit my dad's extended family, and my Grandmother.  It was a great way to finish our time in Waterloo for some time, as we flew out a couple weeks later.

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