Dave checking a crab trap off Lake Pontchartrain.

Summer 2007

 Waterloo/St. Louis and New Orleans

Includes pictures of: family time, camping, French Quarter, swimming, fishing, Chuck E. Cheese, a parade, etc.

Parade in Waterloo, Illinois; my hometown.

New Orleans: In August, we flew into N.O. from England.  We visited for several weeks with Dave's family.  We stayed very busy: swimming, jet skiing, boating, Dave eating seafood, fishing, finding alligators, French Quarter - market, streetcar, street artists, Cafe Du Monde, St. Louis Cathedral, architecture, the Abita Springs (fountain of youth), Dave's High School football game, and paddle boating.

Waterloo: In August, we visited Waterloo, not knowing that come October, we were going to make it home for 6 months.  We did a lot of family oriented things here: Chuck E. Cheese with cousins, slumber party, dinner out with fam, family visits, parade, Dave and my brother, Rich camping and floating the Jacks Fork River; make over party, etc.  See more Waterloo pictures on the living in Waterloo link. 

New Orleans


Dave jet skiing.

Lake Pontchartrain.



Alligator! In the canal off Lake Pontchartrain right by Dave's fam's neighborhood.



Boys ready for a day in the French Quarter.

Cafe Du Monde has awesome French donuts called, beignets.

French Quarter


Dave, Kate and Grant in front of St. Louis Cathedral in N.O.




That's nice..."Swim at your own risk - Alligators".

Dom fishing.

Dave at the "Abita Springs" - fountain of youth.


Dave and Dom checking crab traps.

Kate fishing.

Waterloo/St. Louis


My nephew, Jake, and I.

Above: Jack's Fork River in Missouri.- Dave and my brother, Rich's float.

Kate and I at a makeover party for my niece's 6th Birthday.

Kate before...

Kate after.

Above: The kids at a parade in my hometown, Waterloo.

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