Our Reading Lists... '08-'09

Week 11- Halloween, Pumpkins and Scary Animals/Bugs (bats/owls/spiders) 


Halloween: “The Night Before Halloween”,“Monster Math”, “Mouse’s First Halloween”, “The Very Busy Spider”, “On Halloween Night”,“Meanies”, “Where the Wild Things Are”,

Pumpkins: “Too Many Pumpkins”, “The Pumpkin Gospel”, "From Seed to Pumpkin", "County Fair ("My First Little House" series)

Scary Animals/Bugs:  “Eyes on Nature: Spiders”, “The Very Busy Spider”,

Weeks 9 and 10 - States and "Flat Stanley"

States: “Flat Stanley”, “Scrambled States of America”, “Smart About the Fifty States”, “S is for Show Me-An Alphabet Book About Missouri” and “L is for Lincoln-An Alphabet Book about Illinois”

Grant: "Cookie, Bakes Up Shapes" and "Count Your "Blessings"

Devotions: "Right Choices"


Weeks 7 and 8 - Fall, Fire Safety and Johnny Appleseed

Fire Safety-“Stop, Drop and Roll” by, Margery Cuyler; “Arthur’s Fire Drill” (activities with this book)

Johnny Appleseed- “Johnny Appleseed”; and Apples-“ How Do Apples Grow?” (activities with this book)

Fall-“ I Am a Leaf”, “Why Do Leaves Change Color?”, “Country Fair” (“My First Little House” book series), “The Deer in the Wood” (“My First Little House” book series).

Devotions: "Five Minute Devotions"





Week 5 (Week 6 was a break) - Family! 

  “All Kinds of Families”, “Swimming with Dolphins” (about dolphin families), others- Bernstein Bears, Little House  

Week 3 (Week 4 was a break) - Nutrition 


“Gregory the Terrible Eater”, “Each Orange Had 8 Slices” (a math counting book-really cute), “Eating the Alphabet”, “The Edible Pyramid”, “Growing Vegetable Soup”, “Good Enough to Eat”



Week 2 - Summer! 

“On Our Way to the Beach”, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, “Arthur’s Family Vacation”, “One Hundred Hungry Ants”. “I Like Bugs”, “Summertime in the Big Woods”

Read aloud: “Meet Molly” from “American Girls” series

Grant: "I Spy Shapes"


Week 1 - Our Five Senses, Summer Fun Foods 


“Gregory the Terrible Eater”, “On Our Way to the Beach”, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, “Arthur’s Family Vacation”, “One Hundred Hungry Ants”, “I Like Bugs”, “Summertime in the Big Woods”


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