Favorite Links

Below I have some of my very favorite things to see on the internet. 

Click the above link to take you to "God Tube".  This video is about a man who helps his disabled son complete a triathlon.  It is unreal. I cry every time.

Jeff Johnson

Wow, this guy is talented.  I told a friend this performance gave me goose bumps. Check it out.  Click above.


Above: Awesome drama presentation acting out Jesus' unbelievable love for us.  It is long - 5 minutes, but the symbolism is just beautiful. Give it a chance.


Click above to go to another God Tube site.  This artist, Coffey, is awesome! He is so talented. Check him out by clicking above.

Jeff Caylor

Here's the best arrangement of "Blessed Be Your Name" I have ever heard.  Click above.

"Shout to the Lord" on American Idol!

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