Disney World!

Sept. 2007

In Sept., we went to Disney with Dave's family; it was awesome! I had not been before, but Dave had. So, this was a first for the kids and I.  We had a blast.

Disney World is broken up in to four major parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios.  That also does not count the many other parks: various water parks, nightlife, Rainforest Cafe, etc. It is a huge complex connected by ferry boat, road, bus system, and metro tram.

Furthermore, each park is broken down in to different sections.  You'll see some of those broken down below.

The park has lodging that ranges form themed hotels to campsites for rv's. 



Day 1: Magic Kingdom and Fireworks

Magic Kingdom is made up of: Mickey's Toon Time Fair (pint size fun), Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland (Pirates of the Caribbean was awesome! And the Jungle cruise was cool), Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Liberty Square. ( I think I have covered it all, but check out the web site for Disney just in case).  Also, every night, they put on a huge fireworks display above the Castle and also have a parade.

Dave and Dom on the ferry crossing form our campsite to the Magic Kingdom!

Favorite Disney characters.

Mickey's Toon Town - Pint size Disney fun for Preschoolers and toddlers.

Dave in Mickey Mouse's house.

Kids in Minnie's house.

Kate in Minnie's house.

Really cute - Kate sewing in Minnie's house.

River boat near Tom Sawyer's island.

Magic Kingdom at night; and fireworks!

One of my favorites - we got to climb all through the Swiss Family Robinson tree house! I love that movie! (In Adventureland.)

Beautiful fireworks.

Kate and Daddy.


Kate and Dave again, with castle in back.



More awesome fireworks.




Day 2: Epcot Center, then Dave and I date at World Showcase

Epcot Center is broken into different areas, including World Showcase, my personal favorite!  World Showcase is a section of Epcot Center where eleven different countries are represented.  Each "country" has shops, restaurants, shows, etc. from that country.  Real nationals from that particular country are hired to work there. So, in the "UK", there was a woman from Scotland and a man from England working.  In "Germany", real German people, etc.  Some countries also have rides, such as "Norway" that had a Viking ride.  It was awesome!!  Dave and I got to spend the evening in World Showcase together, as his family took the kids back to the camper early.  We had a date all over the world that night.  We ate dinner in "China", ate ice cream in "America", had drinks in "Germany", rode a ride in "Norway", shopped in "Mexico" and watched a show in "America".  We took pictures in front of the mini Eiffel Tower and bridges of Venice, Italy. 

Epcot Center

There are a lot of science related things in Epcot Center: Oceans in the Nemo building display, Dinosaurs, "The Land" which takes you on a boat ride through the inside of the big Epcot ball; which is a greenhouse that has tons of plants, flowers and vegetables growing in it, a "Test Drive" track where you go on a ride in a "car" that takes you on what they really do to test drive cars before putting them on the market, etc.

Dave and Kate.

Kate exploring at Epcot Center.

The family in front of the big sea display put on by Nemo and friends.

The seas.

The kids have been swallowed by, "Bruce"!

Waiting in line to go on "The Land" boat ride.

Kids before going into the Dinosaur show.

Epcot Center.

World Showcase (below)

Above: "Japan"

Above: "China"

Dave at a pub in "England".

An Aztec temple in "Mexico".

The "River Seine" in "France" with the mini Eiffel Tower in the background.





Me, enjoying a drink at our Chinese restaurant.

Dave, with won ton soup






Dave and I on our date around the world


Day 3: Animal Kingdom and Safari, then more Magic Kingdom



The kids about to learn about Dinosaurs in Animal Kingdom.

We went on a Safari where we saw real lions, crocs, elephants, etc. in their habitat; and then walked an exploration trail and saw fish, gorillas, etc. in their habitats.  We took the kids to the petting zoo where they got to feed some goats.


Dave had to have this kid treat. (I did, too!)

Day 4: Magic Kingdom, Dave and I Magic Kingdom date in evening

"Aladdin" ride.

Crossing the lake on the ferry from our campground to Magic Kingdom.



Dave trying to pull "Excalibur" from the stone.

The kids and I in Tom Sawyer's "town".

Went to see "Hall of Presidents" show. So, we gave each kid a dollar with our first President on it.

Day 5: MGM Studios

What a great trip! We'd all love to go back.

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