Book Reviews

Below I have listed the books I reading right now, as well as some favorite recent reads.  I may sometimes put a summary along with the book listed.


*What I am reading right now...

"Lone Survivor" by: Marcus Luttrell  


*Recent Past Reads...

~"House"  by: Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker (click author name for website)

(Supernatural Christian thriller. Amazing! Tons of twists and turns, spooky suspense.  Awesome book.)

~"The Redemption of Sarah Cain" by: Beverly Lewis

(A modern woman is asked to raise her deceased Amish sisters five kids.  Drama, with an awesome message. Good book.)

~"Three Weeks with my Brother" by: Nicholas and Micah Sparks

(The famous author teams up with his older brother to write a memoir on their lives growing up and to document the trip they took around the world in three weeks.  It was a great book.  I cried and laughed sometimes at the same time. Also, for travel lovers, we get a good sampling of places to visit all over the continents.)


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Movie Reviews

Below I will add movies that I feel are worth mentioning.

"Goal" : A young Mexican man raised in poverty gets a chance to play for a big time England football/soccer club.  Watched movie 1 of a trilogy set. Great movie.

"Nanny Diaries": Apparently based on a book I have not read, cute movie about a young college grad taking a job as a nanny for an out of this world mother.  Real eye opener however, as to how the nanny system works, and made me grateful I watch my own kids. :)

"Narnia and the Prince Caspian": Number 2 in the 7 book set.  Awesome movie with Christian parallels throughout.  Based on the books by, C.S. Lewis.  We took the kids to the theater to see it.  Some actions sequences tough for kids, but worth letting them see to get to see the rest of the movie.

"Dan in Real Life": A real surprise favorite.  This move seemed like it was going to be an independent film type, but turned out to be an awesome movie about a man raising his three daughters alone after his wife's passing.  At a family reunion weekend, falls for his brother's girlfriend.  A cute, romantic comedy that had me laughing really hard.  Great movie. By the way, what an awesome family getaway this portrayed: a family that has all grown up, still keeping in touch with this traditional weekend together filled with board games, trips together and family meals. Totally cool.

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Favorite Books of All Time

"Gone With the Wind" by: Margaret Mitchell: I read it for the first time by candlelight in my bed as a college student (before I moved to the University).  My sister was trying to sleep in the same room, had no lamp that wasn't too bright, so I read it by candlelight.  Awesome book.  True Civil War epic full of love and endurance.  You will hate and admire Scarlett O' Hara at the same time.  She's the reason my daughter is named Kathryn (after Katie Scarlett O' Hara).

"Follow the River" by: James Alexander Thom: This book is the true account of Mary Draper Ingles; a pioneer woman in the 1700's abducted by Shawnee Indians and forced to march to their camp along with her two toddler sons - while pregnant with her daughter.  She gives birth without a sound along the way, earning the respect of her main captor. She escapes the camp after some time and walks 1,000 miles back home to her husband.  Unbelievable true story.  I am not giving anything away, but just read it to see the strength in this amazing woman. "Ten times ten, times ten, Tommy Lad.  Oh, welcome home my son." Just check it out; you will not be sorry.

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