The Lamp


"You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light."

2 Samuel 22:29

This page is designed to be a Christian resource.  It is for Christians and non Christians, alike.  For non Christians, it is our hope and prayer that you use this site as a resource to find out more about life in, and life with Jesus Christ; to find out what those words really mean.   We pray we can point you in the right direction with any questions you may have.  For Christians, this resource is meant to act as a hub of resources for you to check out in regards to Christian media, recommended Bible studies, ideas, Christian music, etc. - to help your walk with God grow even deeper.  Please take a moment to check out some of the resources. If you have prayer requests you would like us to pray for, please e mail: 

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What is being a Christian?

Basically, in my layman's terms, I describe being a Christian as acknowledging that there is a God; the one and only true God who created you and I, and loves you and I beyond our physical, human understanding.  Then, recognizing that God had a son by Mary, who is Jesus Christ, the Son.  Further recognizing and believing that Jesus was God in human form here on earth to show us how to live and teach us what we needed to know about Him, was offered as the ultimate sacrifice so we would have the opportunity to be clean from our sins; bridging the gap between God and man forever. 

Because of Jesus' sacrifice, we have the opportunity to ask forgiveness of our sins. In asking that forgiveness and asking for help to not keep committing sin, I acknowledge my need for God in my life.  I ask God to come into my life, by that I mean, I ask Him to forgive my sins and show me the way He would like me to live for His purposes.  Some say it is your conscious that guides your decisions; I believe that "conscious" is the Holy Spirit that entered my heart the moment I asked God to lead me.  I then live my life, praying and asking God for guidance as He leads me in life.

 I develop a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my personal Lord, by praying (talking to Him and listening-talking to Him like I would any friend), reading my Bible (the instruction manual for us) to get to know who God is and what He has done and is doing (and has yet to do for that matter), and hanging around people and surrounding myself with people that believe in God as well and live for Him as Christians (Christ followers).  This is done by fellowshipping - meaning,  going to church, etc. There is strength in numbers; and nothing is more comforting than being surrounded by people that support you and who also believe in the same God and Christian lifestyle.  It's a confidence booster and an assurance that God is real and working in people's lives.

Once I became a Christian, God became evident in my life by the fruit that I bore in my life.  Christians make mistakes just as any other person, but Christians are convicted in their hearts that what they have done or are doing is wrong and ask God's forgiveness; and help in not repeating the same mistakes.  Good "fruit" is evidence of a Christian.  Good fruit means - when you change bad habits, destructive lifestyle choices, and make a conscious effort to live a lifestyle pleasing to God. 

How do you know what is pleasing, you may ask? Well, that's where we have come full circle and reading your Bible teaches you what God finds acceptable as a way to live.


What the Bib le says about becoming a Christian (God telling you how to do this...)


Roman's Road here

I am not claiming to have all the answers.  I am just a Christian (a Christ follower - a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ).  I am not claiming to be a pastor.  I am a woman who loves God because I have built a real personal relationship with the One who made me.  When I see how much He loves me and knows me and cares about every little detail about me, how can I help but love Him?  And in my loving Him, I want to please Him.  I want to please Him by the way I live, the things I say.  I want to live a life of purpose for Him. 


Once Christians, we are commanded to tell others about Him.

God inspired men to write the words we read in the Bible  I do not have all the theological answers, but I do have the faith and the assurance in my heart provided by the Holy Spirit, that God is real and loves me. 

A good quote I heard once was, "Can you see the wind? No, but you see the effects of the wind.  Such is God.  We can not see Him, but we see the effects of Him all around us."


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