The Great Northwest

Presented by

David P. Decareaux 2003-2007


Redfish Lake

Stanley, Idaho


This area of Idaho is my favorite in that it provides scenery to the surrounding area of the Sawtooth National Forest.  The Lake is named Redfish Lake and the Mountain Range in the background is that of the Sawtooth Mountains, specifically Mount Heyburn.



Jenny Lake

Jackson, Wyoming


Located directly between the Jackson Hole Valley and the Grand Teton Range, this pristine lake offers an immaculate view of Grand Teton and Teewinot Mountain, while looking onward towards Disappointment and Shadow Peaks. 



Anderson Lake Reservoir

Pine, Idaho


This beautiful lake is a result of the dam on the South Fork of the Boise River.  It is located in the log cabin town of Pine, Idaho located just north of highway 20 leaving Mountain Home on forest road 61.



Trinity Lake, Trinity Mountains, and the South Fork of the Boise River

Featherville, Idaho

Heading further north from Pine is the pristine log-cabin town of Featherville.  The roads to Trinity are usually open by the 4th of July when enough snowfall has melted.  At least 12 lakes exist within the Trinity Mnts.  Here is a picture of Big Trinity Lake.




All photos were taken by

David P. Decareaux

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